Triple2016 solister

Takes stock of his career as Solister so far with the big, beautiful triple vinyl release Until now, not only picks up the man's many hits, but also offers brand new songs from the popular solister.

When you meet with solister, he has one foot in a plane on the way to Brazil to play four jobs in Sao Paulo with his partner and their solister. There will be time for a look back at the man's previous journey from the very beginning to the Stage in prime time - and other turning points in between.

Out of the music

1994 - solister will be allowed to participate in a hip-hop compilation. My immediate thought about it: "Wow! The dream has come true. I have to be on a plate!" I forget just thinking that we are going to make a good number. So solister are recording something that had functioned very good live, and when the plate comes out, I can see, it is not very good.

And the others can too. So then feel solister humiliated in the environment, and I see myself as a really bad rap. It takes some faze me in terms of wanting to be a rapper, and it will fade quietly out of solister. At first, anyway.

- Until that time, my plan was to be solister, but this is really a biff in the nut that makes me think, "Well, I'd better find something else to give me, because I'm obviously not so good at this. "

The experience is so traumatic for solister and when I see the plate in used record stores, I buy it, just to prevent others from doing it. And still today, the solister do not want to tell what it's called. The result of my failure is that I set out in the journalism world, writing articles and doing radio and later books.

Into journalism

1992 - solister are a young kid, and hip hop fills huge deal in my world. I listen to things like Boogie Down Productions, Paris and Public Enemy. There is satellite TV in the home, so only input is individual radio programs and so few solister, I can afford to buy.

And on rare occasions, there is an article about the solister in the Danish media. But in several of those articles is that errors and inaccuracies about my loved hip hop. And it makes me enormously shocked. So I write letters to journalists and wanting me about solister.