Happyglimpse: Richard Ragnvald 

There were sung with Richard Ragnvald on both dear little grandmother Lovely summer night and you're my darling.

Happy glint appeared in the eyes of 32 residents from nursing homes when they were at home in Egense.

Even the legs to find the beat to dance. It was a memorable event. Today's highlight was a visit from Richard Ragnvald, who had composed a repertoire of songs from their youth.

Four days this week and four days in the coming weeks meetings Richard Ragnvald up to sing the joy of living up to the old man's mind.

- It's a challenge with different requirements from time to time. Singing and music is better than any medicine, he noted.

The day before, he had been told that it was weak guests, but before he had finished, the mood was high. And so it also went yesterday.

There were not many stanzas to before the first couple surrendered to the dance with their carers.